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  • Students Attendance Policy
    • Student Attendance Requirement Guidelines

      JIS encourages all its students to be regular and punctual to their daily classes. Please note the attendance requirement and leave application guidelines as given below:
      All the students from Pre-Nursery to class VII should have a minimum attendance of 85% per term (can be relaxed at the discretion of the Principal).
      Students must submit a valid medical certificate to their class teacher, whenever absent on medical grounds.
      Parents are advised against long leaves during the school term.

      Guidelines regarding communication of Leave of Absence of the child:
      Please write an email to the class teacher in case you are requesting leave for your child. If the leave exceeds 2 days kindly write a mail to the Principal.
      A hand written letter can also be sent to the class teacher, giving details of reasons and the specific dates for which leave is sought.
      Diary note for absence will not be accepted as it cannot be filed with the leave records by the class teacher.
      Phone calls will not be accepted for leave requests.
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